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Advantages of Wedding Dress Rental

Wedding dress rental or wedding dress purchase: what is the best option?

For a wedding to happen, many things need to be planned and organized, among them the model of dress that the bride will wear on her wedding day. At that time, it is normal to ask: Is it worth renting a wedding dress?

Besides the bride, bridesmaids and guests also analyze the benefits of renting a party dress. To make the right choice, be sure to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option. One advantage of making wedding dress rental is good value for money; on the other hand, the purchase of the wedding dress allows brides, bridesmaids and guests to keep their clothes as a souvenir of that special day.


Why rent the dress?

Wedding dress rental can be a good solution for anyone who wants to save on wedding dress purchase and use money on other wedding items such as honeymoon trip , wedding cake, Dj and band.

Another great convenience of the party dress rental for the bride is that she can select a dress from a renowned stylist or whatever enhances her silhouette. All this for a much more affordable price.

When it comes to bridesmaids and bridesmaids, most of the time the brides are chosen by the style and color of their clothes. So there’s a big chance that they will never take advantage of the look any other time. Thus, renting dresses would provide more savings on spending and more space in the wardrobe.

Dress rental: some care that needs to be taken!

Renting a dress or other piece of clothing offers many benefits. But it is important to remember that the rental of costumes works as a type of loan. That is, the care needs to be redoubled with the integrity of the piece, so that at the time of delivery you do not have to pay any fine.


Here are some essential care:

1- Before leaving the store and taking the clothes for use, make sure there are no defects. If so, let the store manager know. This way you avoid problems with the return.

2 – Be very careful when you have your clothes on; avoid making any movements that could tear or damage the dress.

  1. When wrapping clothes to be delivered, be very careful not to knead.


Why buy the wedding dress?

The purchase of the dress is indicated for brides wishing the privilege of having an exclusive dress during and after the wedding. In that case, the costume becomes a reminder of that special date in the life of the bride and groom. It is worth remembering that this option is the most expensive, because in this case it requires more work to adapt the dress to the taste of the bride.

Another advantage of having a tailored dress is that you can do whatever you wish with it. Including, the “Trash the Dress”, a relaxed photographic essay, aims to soil the bride’s dress. Usually this essay happens days after the wedding.

Just like wedding rental dresses, the purchased models also need some special care. Check out:

1- Reserve a spacious place for the dress and store it without kneading.

2- If possible, at least every 6 months, remember to leave it outside the wardrobe for at least a full day to avoid yellowing the fabric.

The purchase is indicated for the girls, because most of the times the children damage the rented dress during the games, causing great damage to the parents, who must pay a fine. With the purchase, if the dress is damaged in any way, the parents will not have to arrange for the repair of the piece in such a hurry.

After reading the article and knowing more about each option, consider the following questions: “What is the best option for me?”; “Do I want to save on the dress and invest in something else for the wedding?” Or “I want something exclusive?” Once that’s done, do what’s best for you and your marriage.

Tips for Finding The Best Photographers and Camera Men for Marriage

Marriage is one of the most important celebrations in many people’s lives. It is something that often happens only one life in life – you most likely want it to be so, right? – and so much care is needed in the decisions to be made.

One of the important decisions and choices regarding marriage is who will record that moment, that is, the photographer. It is he who will perpetuate this day considered so important in the life of the couple.


Therefore, choosing a good photographer is fundamental, because the photos are something that will remain forever, and can not be changed.

Some people feel very confused to choose a good photographer or filmmaker, which is ideal for your wedding. So let’s give some tips in this article to help you find the best photographers and cameramen for your wedding. Come on?


Look for a variety of ways, including the internet.

If you do not know some good experts in the area, find some ways to get in touch with some photographers. Some ways to find photographers and cameramen are:

⦁ Ask friends

⦁ Do internet searches

So you will have at least some references to choose who will do this work for you.


Do not just consider the cheapest

Because you want to save money, there are couples who choose the cheapest professionals and suppliers, but this is a decision that can cause great losses.

You should keep in mind that it is the photographer who will capture various moments and details of the party, such as guests and decorations, and therefore, you deserve quality photos.

Therefore, considering only the cheapest photographer can bring great regrets.


Analyze the quality

Pay attention to the quality of the professionals you evaluate. Observe your portfolio of accomplished work, and if you find it accurate, ask what equipment is used.

Also, review the professionalism of the photographer or cameraman as this can tell you a lot about your future behaviors with you.


Look for references

After already having a few choices of singapore wedding videographer to your liking, find out if the former clients of these professionals were satisfied with their work.


See if the professional fits your style

We know that each person or party has a different style. So, see if the chosen professional can fit the style you chose for your party.

So ask him if he has done this kind of work before and see the result.


Do not forget to read the agreement

To avoid damages, reading the contract completely is essential. A client who reads the contract as a whole runs less risk of having possible regrets or disagreements.

Many important information is included in this contract, including terms of payment, work value, what is included, times and length of stay at the party, information on withdrawal, deadline of the photos, whether or not included, editions, filming, albums , among others.

So we hope you make a good choice and find one of the best Singapore wedding videographer!

How to Choose Plus Size Wedding Dress?

The bride and groom will excuse me, but let’s combine: the bride is the high point, the biggest star of the party! Everyone wants to see the dress, the style, check the makeup and the hairstyle. They steal the scene and make everyone happy! If the big day is coming and you do not know which model to choose, then stay tuned to these tips! Whoever has more curved curves or is overweight has nothing to worry about. Learn to choose the best plus size wedding dress singapore for your body!

Plus size bride can wear any dress?

For each body type, there is an ideal dress. For example, who is very short, has large breasts, wide thighs or is too thin, there are always infallible tricks. However, the best of them is always to value what is most beautiful. The moment you highlight something, you are automatically focusing on what you want to hide or disguise.

With plus size brides is no different. However, it is essential to evaluate each type of body. There are women who have more breast and others have the most advanced hip. For some the problem is with height: too high and other very low. So, look for details that value your highest qualities.

What should be avoided by brides plus size?

  • Applications that give more volume, such as ruffles, ties, prints and certain applications should be avoided, mainly in the bust and the waist.
  • Avoid too tight models, not to draw attention to the grease.
  • The mermaid cut usually raises the hips.
  • The style will make it fall that enhances the breasts even more.
  • Long veils tend to flatten, so they are not the most recommended for the short.

What can be used without fear?

  • Medium or long sleeves with thin lace are ideal for hiding the thicker arms.
  • V-shaped or canoe-shaped necklines often enhance the lap.
  • Corselets are great for supporting and setting the waistline.
  • More structured fabrics, such as silk taffeta and crepe, are best suited for waist, buttock and chest regions.
  • Prefer to use flowing, flowing fabrics such as silk and chiffon on the legs.
  • Straight cuts are excellent for lengthening the body and disguising very wide hips.
  • Exit ease, that loser and empire model, that is, in A format, are super indicated to value the waist.
  • The short veil at shoulder height is the model that most suits all styles of dress and still has the power to tune the face.

Want another tip?

Remember, all of these guidelines for bridal plus size dresses are just suggestions. The wedding is a special date and you are one of the main highlights of the party. So never choose a model just to hide unwanted features. The priority is to make you feel dazzling. Remember, beauty comes from within! When we are well and happy, we squandered brilliance and sensuality, regardless of the style of your dress!

Wedding Videography Singapore: Tips to Eternize the Great Day!

Marriage planning is accomplished with one goal: to be eternalized in different ways. Be it through the decoration , the wedding dress , or the wedding party . The important thing is that all the guests remember the big day as something special and incredible! And is there a better way to eternalize this moment than through the wedding videography singapore?

Do not worry! We are not talking about those old videos, more than two hours long, showing tedious details and that nobody wants to watch. But, yes, the current wedding videography singapore, made in creative ways and full of personality , with the essence of the couple transmitted in a few minutes, but in a special way.

We talked to Diego Lima’s Videographer and Videographer DL Films to pick up the essential wedding video recording tips and to eternalize the great day in exemplary fashion! Check out!


Wedding Videography Why filming the big day?

“Video is a way to perpetuate this special day. For the only things that remain after the wedding are the memories, photos and videos, “says Diego.

There is a couple who soon says: “I do not want my wedding video, nobody watches”. This is the phrase that makes the bride and groom more repentant after marriage. The wedding photos are beautiful and subjective – also extremely essential – but the video is the factor that will bring back the affection and deepest feelings wedding, leaves with wanting more after 10, 20 years of marriage. After all, details that happen at the party, such as: wedding vows; first dance of the bride and groom; Godfather choreography and exciting scenes deserve to be eternalized with great affection.

In addition, Diego underscores the importance of hiring a reliable producer, “The producer has a structure to welcome the newlyweds, skilled employees, state-of-the-art equipment and I believe it provides greater security for the newlyweds.” So nothing to ask a colleague to record the moments! Hire someone you trust and who knows the tricks to make every moment of your day even more special.


How to choose the ideal videographer?

The wedding film needs to capture the essence of the couple and what they want to convey to the guests on the big day. For example, the couple’s idea is to have a “romantic wedding”, the video has to convey this romanticism in every detail, highlighting the natural beauty of the wedding space and the love of the bride and groom. And the person responsible for highlighting this essence is the videographer, who has the special look to transform simple details into exciting moments!

Wedding Videographer: 5 Tips to Choose the Best

The most special day in many people’s lives is their wedding day. All the excitement, the family and friends gathered, stories of the ceremony and the party. And the best part is that we can relive this unforgettable day through the photographs. That is why it is important to have someone who is your eyes and heart and help you to record every moment and in the best way possible. The wedding videographer singapore then needs to be chosen with all care and attention.

The market today offers many options, from companies specializing in wedding videography  to freelance and more artistic professionals. In order for you to know how to choose the best Videographer for your wedding, we then separate some essential tips. Keep reading!

1- Set your favorite video style

Before you start looking for the Videographer, choose the style of photo that suits you best and matches your wedding. You can do this by searching the internet, studying referrals, and visiting online portfolios.

It’s no use following suggestions from friends and relatives if that wedding videographer singapore is not going to do the job you’re looking for. A lot of people like traditional photos and inns, and other people have really liked the photojournalistic style, which praises the spontaneous and more themed essays.

2- Search a lot before hiring

As soon as you choose your preferred style of videography, start searching for professionals who work in that line. This moment is very important, and we must be very careful!

Review the portfolio of these Videographers, search for references, talk to people who have already hired you, etc. Take into account that each Videographer has a different look and a sensitivity that marks his work and makes it unique.

Then choose the one who will completely fulfill your desires to record the great day. Do not make the mistake of wanting a Videographer to do the same job as another professional. Never do that!

3- Do not choose the wedding Videographer for the price

Following this line of reasoning, do not also hire the Videographer for your wedding thinking only of the price. Always have as primordial in choosing the quality, not the value that is being charged.

Besides the quality of the work, take into account what is included in the package, such as pre wedding, extra Videographers, making of, number of photos contracted for the final album, etc. After you put everything down on paper, see which wedding videographer singapore is most advantageous to hire.

4- Ask questions about delivery times

Before hiring a wedding videographer singapore, ask questions about deadlines for delivery of the final material. Mainly, see who you’re hiring is responsible enough that you do not have any headaches.

Therefore, check the contract for fines in case of delay, and make it clear before closing any deal.

5- Hire a Videographer who does pre-wedding

It has become fashionable in Singapore, but pre-wedding and save the date are also very useful! When making these photographic essays that precede the wedding, you already have a first contact with both the Videographer and your work.

In these moments, the Videographer also becomes accustomed to the couple, with the family, and this relationship is fundamental so that the record of the great day is perfect.

Just like everything else in planning your wedding, choosing the Videographer also requires special attention. So research hard, look at some details, and do not try to save money!

These are just a few tips that can guide you in choosing the best wedding videographer singapore. Of course recommendations from friends and relatives are valid, but try to follow your personal tastes and not the likes of others. The day is all yours , so choose the best!

The Bridal Boutique of Your Dreams

One look in the shop window of  bridal boutique Singapore Wild at Heart and you are sold. Fairy, couture-like dresses are hanging in the shop window, delicate and with an eye for detail. A year ago Annika Noordzij (26) opened this beautiful bridal boutique Singapore . She sells wedding dresses from labels such as Bo & Luca and Alexandra Grecco , as well as French-made dresses. Time to step inside.

Why did you decide to open a bridal boutique?

‘I got married in 2014. I was looking for the perfect wedding dress , but noticed that the offer of modern wedding dresses in the Netherlands was not great. The offer is mainly focused on the classic bride. I was looking for a supple dress, a beautiful fabric, like silk and found many wedding dresses with a classic silhouette. Online I discovered that there are enough wedding tags for modern brides, like me. It turned out to be mainly nichelabels from Australia or France. Then I went to Paris, I thought. Eventually I succeeded at a Dutch boutique, but thought: this is a gap in the market, I have to do something with this. ‘

What makes Wild at Heart unique?

I exclusively sell wedding dresses from ten different labels, including from the Australian Bo & Luca and Rue de Seine , the French Rime Arodaky and the American Daughters of Simone . What makes us unique is that all wedding dresses are handmade in workshops, so there is a lot of attention to detail. The dresses are made of luxurious materials, such as silk or vintage lace and are not produced in large quantities. Sometimes the label is so small that I have direct contact with the designer, instead of the sales team. So I was the first in Europe to Alexandra Greccowent on selling. Like Rime Arodaky, they only have a few points of sale in Europe. The modern bride can come to her heart. Whether that is a bohemian bride or a minimalist bride. Our dresses have a modern silhouette, sometimes with a playful element or a special design, such as a two piece . They are all unique dresses that you will not easily see anywhere else. “

What do you think are the most popular wedding dresses of the moment?

The wedding season is open, that means the high season is just over for us. We saw that this winter there was a lot of demand for the slip dress , which you also see a lot in the fashion image. The perfect slip dress is like a pin in a haystack, everything stands or falls with the quality of the fabric. We have beautiful examples from A La Robe . They are often fashion-conscious women who choose this model and style it with fashionable accessories such as a metal headpiece .

What I saw a lot on the bridal weeks was wedding dresses with statement sleeves, the bell sleeve. Fantastic. But a statement sleeve, Dutch brides are not ready yet. We are practical. “I will hang on that later in the cake,” we think. You notice that more and more women choose a modern dress. Everything is possible nowadays. You do not necessarily have to marry lace or tulle in a white dress with a tight body. For example, bohemian has been a popular trend in the Netherlands for a while. We sell Rue de Seine , with Jane Birkin-like crochet wedding dresses. You see that not only in wedding dresses, also wedding ceremonies are less classic. If you like, you can now hold an ecclesiastical ceremony in the lawn, where everyone walks around barefoot. The princess dress then makes way for a frivolous, elegant, modern dress. And we are specialized in that.

Tips for Selecting Wedding Dresses and Bridal Accessories

The greatest day of your life will be the day you start looking for wedding gown and exquisite wedding gowns. Evening Gown Singapore come in a huge range of G styles, colors and fits, you want a plan to ensure that you choose the right one for you. Marriage gowns have their own distinctive glossary (or jargon, because you would also like to call it). evening gown Singapore are usually white, but there are many colors that range from pure white to ivory. Your sister and mother will probably want to shop with you for your wedding gowns that you choose and your wedding gowns are all prepared for trying on when you go to your first wedding gowns shop. Bridal evening gown Singapore are easy to see in all dimensions and fashion and your wedding dresses close selection is going to become your choice altogether. Does not matter what,


Planning a wedding is not a small business, but generally you will have great support from loved ones and friends; But the one decision that it is probably only yours will be selecting a magic wedding gown. Choosing a dress layout can be rather tough and also different components and colors available multiply the choices plus all additional bridal accessories so getting an advice from family and friends is a great idea.


The time of year for your own wedding is going to be among the decisive factors in selecting a wedding gown; A summer wedding will mean needing a lighter fabric (you do not have to be fainting due to the heat) and in addition, colder times of the year would mean selecting a evening gown Singapore in a heavier fabric to keep you warm.


Designer clothes are the most excellent option for girls with exceptional design and sizing needs. Designer wedding dresses offer brides the capacity outside the crowd. Designer wedding gowns are also formed to meet specific demands and wishes full-grown girls. Many designers realize that 50% of American women are a size 14 or larger – and so they are now creating beautiful plus size wedding dresses in a variety of exquisite materials and styles. Often women looking for full-figure wedding dresses turn to designer dress makers to ensure a suitable fit and selection of sorts. Designer wedding dresses in large sizes are often highly sought after within the designers dress and gown market. Now, lovely wedding designer dresses come in every conceivable design, style and color.


Designer wedding Cheap wedding dresses offer the ideal fit, while conventional gowns usually have to be changed to suit a girl’s unique shape and size. If you have some questions you discover the advisors and wedding dress design couturiers are helpful and particularly knowledgeable they are all professionally trained on how accurately the wedding designer dresses or bridesmaid dresses should be fitted.


There is a lot to consider when selecting a maggie wedding dress and wedding accessories to make your money as a powerful defining factor. You do not necessarily have to spend a bundle on the wedding gown or bridal accessories. Spending a significant amount of money will not guarantee the perfect cheap wedding dresses And neither do buy cheap wedding dress mean inferior quality.

Trends of Wedding Dress 2018

What are the trends of Wedding Gown Singapore 2018, you know? Choosing the look of the big day, for the novenas, is not an easy task! Whether or not he is fashionable may be even more difficult. So, for those in love with 2018, we’ll give you tips on what the most popular outfits will be.

We separate for you the 13 trends that will make you more successful. In wedding gown singapore environment, we have from those that never go out of fashion to the most controversial and daring. Some models, such as hoods, 3D floral embroidery and fringes, have already stamped the parades of recent years. Already the use of details in black and light blue, high collars or lace guipir is a novelty in the world of brides.

The use of ties, from the most delicate to the most extravagant, which are a rereading of the fashion party of the 80’s, will come with everything in this New Year. And our most controversial bet, the gloves! They will star in incredible looks, of the most different models and sizes.

But here comes the doubt. “What if I do not like any of these new trends? Should I abandon what I always dreamed? “Of course not! Marriage is one of the most important, planned and dreamed days of a woman’s life, so everything should be to your liking and according to your will. For the most classic notions, it is worth the inspiration and who knows the rereading of some of these bets to compose a visual that defines and pleases them.

Fashion appears more and more democratic for brides, with the most basic options to the most exuberant! Let’s get to know a bit more about each trend in 2018.


The covers, ranging from short to long, full of details or simpler, will bring a greater charm to the look.

Removable over-skirts and tails

They will be a practical and stylish option for those who cannot afford a “respectful” tail to climb the altar, because after living the “yes” moment with class and elegance, they will allow the brides to enjoy the party with comfort and the same beauty.


The colors will bring a touch of personality and daring to the dress of the great day. The details in light blue or pastels, like the rose.

Renda Guipur

The guipur income will fit perfectly in marriages in the field as well as in the most luxurious ones. For the first case, they will be simpler and without embroidery, even for the classical party, the lace will be better worked. The use of income is a great bet for those who seek comfort above all in their great day.

High collar

With a slight touch of romanticism, the high-necked dress brings many modeling opportunities to be made. It may bring applications into your body or make up the use of a partial bolero.


Wedding gown singapore in a midi skirt can build a retelling of Audrey Hepburn, in “Luxury Bonequinha”, or a modern sexy Marilyn Monroe.


The fringes will be a great bet for modern brides, boho-chic, and full of a gatsby footprint for the night.


Always present, in big or small details, the ties are timeless in the universe of the romantic bride and now come with everything for the contemporary bride.


They say that for every pearl embroidered in the wedding dress is a tear of joy that will be poured into your married life. We want this to be a reality, as the looks will be full of beautiful pearls of various sizes and colors.


For a long time, gloves were considered synonyms for purity for marriage. In the year 2018, these little girls will come back with everything and will be a true sample of a romantic bride and personality.

How to Choose the Wedding Dress? 10 Essential Tips!

Choosing the Wedding Dress is undoubtedly one of the most important moments during the wedding organization. The task is not easy at all, so we separate some important tips that can help you when choosing the perfect wedding dress!

  1. Establish a Limit Budget for the Wedding Dress:

Bridal Gown Singapore is the first step to saving time and frustration when choosing the wedding dress. Therefore, once the budget has been defined, please state the value limit for your consultant. So you avoid trying to fall in love with dresses you cannot afford.

Usually, brides usually save 15% of the wedding budget value for the dress, already including accessories. Also remember that adjustments, delivery rates and other expenses may arise related to the dress, so do not compromise every budget right away! Always leave room for future expenses that are sure to happen!

  1. Choose a wedding dress that matches the location and style of the wedding

Are you going to get married on the beach with your foot in the sand? Or have you opted for a very traditional church and the party will be in town? These are very important details when choosing the bridal gown singapore and its trim.

A traditional, nocturnal and closed ceremony combines with more voluminous models, with more embroidery and pedrarias. Already a ceremony in the field, during the day, calls for a lighter and more delicate bridal gown singapore. Do you agree? So, try combining the dress with the style of your wedding, this will make choosing a lot easier.

  1. Choose the wedding dress in advance

It is very important that the choice of dress is made 9 to 6 months in advance. Remember that many brides take time to choose a model that pleases them and that fits in the budget. So the search may take some time! In addition, if you have chosen to have the dress done, the more elaborate the model, the longer it will take to make it! Do not leave for last minute; otherwise you will end up with few options and still having to pay more for urgency!

  1. Do your homework: research!

When you arrive at the bridal gown singapore, a number of wedding dress models will be presented to you, so if you already have some preferences, it is easier to filter the dresses and avoid hours and hours trying models that do not fit with you. Keep in mind some inspirations, some models of neckline, silhouettes of dress etc.

  1. Keep an open mind!

Back neckline, mermaid syrup, pearl embroidery, lace fabric … It’s pretty cool that you set some preferences, but do not try to find them all in the same wedding dress! Besides impossible, probably the dress will be over. So keep an open mind, try different options – some dresses are not very pretty hanging, but they look beautiful on the body!

  1. Lightweight reinforcement!

Do not go alone choosing your wedding dress! Usually brides take 2 companions to help in choosing. But beware: it’s important that you bring people who know your style and are willing to help! Many opinions can leave you confused and insecure! So take only people who will respect your choice and give constructive tips!

  1. Save on wedding dress

Finding a wedding dress is not synonymous with spending a fortune. Therefore, always study some alternative options: reform a family dress (if you do the vintage bride style); make a first rent or buy a used dress. Nowadays is increasingly common wedding dress ads used on the internet. Keep an eye on the sales and, if you travel a trip abroad, do not miss the chance to visit some dress shops, you may be surprised by the findings!

  1. Make a Bridal Gown Search Plan

Initially, make a selection of stores that have wedding dress styles similar to what you are looking for. Before the visit, we suggest you call the store and pre-search for average prices. This will help you avoid unnecessary visits. After filtering out the stores that are, in fact, worth the visit, schedule a time and always make notes on the wedding dress models you liked most in each store. Most stores prohibit dresses from being photographed, so it is important that you organize yourself to remember the models you like best and know how to locate the store to make the purchase!

  1. Attention to the size of the Wedding Dress

More important than the size of the wedding dress is your trim on the body. So do not fall for the nonsense of buying a wedding dress much smaller than your size expecting to lose weight until the date of the wedding. It is important that you find a wedding dress that fits your current measurements. If you lose weight until the ceremony, be calm, the dress can be adjusted. Always remember that it is easier to lower a dress than to increase it!

  1. Make a contract

It is very important that the purchase of the wedding dress is accompanied by a contract. Before making any part of the payment, always require the preparation of this document. Thus, you become legally protected. In the contract, among other points, it is important to establish: the date of delivery of the dress, estimated rate for future adjustments and cancellation policy. To avoid future problems, it is very important that you choose a reputable company. Lastly, check if every description of the dress is correct in the contract, review the model, size and color chosen.



We’ve seen so many films in which the Bride to Be is trying, a field cup in hand, sumptuous (or ugly!) Dresses in the company of his girlfriends and almost immediately finds the Wedding Dress Singapore of her dreams that we have. imagine that it will be the same for us.

Finding the dress is one of the most exciting moments of this year of preparation but also one of the most delicate … So here are 10 tips to make your choice!

  1. Get to know yourself.

For that make you a real idea of ​​your likes by strolling on Pinterest for example. Pin the maximum of dresses, details, materials regardless of the year or the origin of the collection. Gone are the days when magazines were carefully cut, now we can save images to infinity! So do not hesitate, you will eventually discover common points and refine your tastes.

It often happens that we have very definite ideas about what is going right or wrong. Do you fall for fluid and bohemian dresses? You might be surprised by finally opting for a body-hugging wedding dress singapore that beautifully showcases your shapes! Do not hesitate to take a walk in a big brand like wedding dress singapore to try very different styles and make you a first idea before taking appointment with independent creators.

  1. Take your time but not too much!

Do not go too far in advance to avoid changing your mind! Especially if the new collections are not all out yet. But not too late either, creative houses usually ask between 6 and 8 months to make a dress and some are in great demand. It happens to have to wait 1 or 2 months to get an appointment!

  1. Plan your maximum budget.

To avoid disappointment set your budget well. The price of a wedding dress singapore is on average 2000 € but can go up to 20 000 €! It would be a shame to have a mega crush for a model that you cannot afford … Do not hesitate to ask at the time of making an appointment to estimate the prices of the dresses you have spotted on the Internet.

  1. Be well accompanied!

You will probably be asked to be accompanied by one or two people maximum. And indeed it is better to be too many at the risk of having very different opinions! It is always a plus to surround you with a friend who has already married, she can tell you about her experience and give you advice on the length of the train, the choice of materials etc…

  1. Do not talk too much!

You will inevitably be asked: “And your dress then??? Show me pictures!” A little advice … resist! Otherwise you risk hearing comments and opinions that you do not like, even if your loved ones have the best possible intentions. Especially if you only have the pictures taken during the fitting to show them, the dresses are rarely perfectly adjusted!

  1. Adapt the dress according to the style of your wedding.

Do you dream of a beautiful structured dress? Embroidery and beads at the Jenny Packham? From a princess train? Is it well suited to the place, season or style of your wedding? No need to follow the trend at all costs, listen to you it’s essential.

  1. A 100% made-to-measure why not!

I must admit that this is the option I chose. I loved mixing all my favorites and draw with my designer a wedding dress singapore 100% to me! It’s so exciting to choose her lace, to select her silk crepe, to add lots of little personal items … Of course you have to appeal to her imagination and agree not to see the wedding dress singapore over for several months !

  1. Think about your comfort.

Remember that you will spend all day and a good part of the night with your dress, so be at ease! A mermaid wedding dress singapore is beautiful but it can quickly become uncomfortable if you want to swing like crazy! Do not hesitate to listen to the advice of the pros during your fitting, he will guide you according to your morphology so that you are the best possible.

  1. Bring the right accessories.

During your fitting you will spend most of the time in underwear, so choose them well! Exit panties frou-frou opt for a set of flesh as discreet as possible. If you have some, do not hesitate to bring also silicone shells to be able to appreciate the best the dresses back bare. If you have already chosen, bring your shoes!